5 Important Things You Should Know When You Operate a Cleaning Service

Operate A Cleaning Service

Thinking about starting a cleaning service? Don’t be in a hurry! Consider different important things you need to know to operate a cleaning service. Indeed, there is a great opportunity in cleaning services, whether you want to work on a commercial level or in a residential premise. Starting a cleaning business can be compared when starting a small business. You will need a good marketing strategy and most importantly, a solid business plan to help you succeed.

Becoming a Housekeeper sounds very simple. You apply to cleaning jobs on websites and gently start to establish a group of customers who will pay you to clean their offices or houses. However, most people are thinking to run a cleaning business instead of being a housekeeper as a means of good living. Of course, setting up a business and operating it is a daunting task you need to face. There are startup expenses, advertising, business licenses and more.

Below are 5 important things you need to bear in mind when operating a cleaning service.

1. The type of cleaning business

Do you want to be a consumer-driven business or commercial cleaning service? Choose between providing services primarily for residential or commercial spaces. The customers you opt to cater will determine the kind of equipment you will need, the amount of money you will charge and the nature of cleaning services.

Homeowners ask maid services to perform general cleaning and frequently tasks are specific to the needs of clients. Usually, maids work while the client is at home. On the other hand, commercial cleaning services normally require weekend or nightly janitorial-style cleaning. Cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floors, cleaning kitchen spaces, washing windows and doors as well as emptying trash cans is often included. This kind of work is stable and pays well.

2. Figure out the cleaning services you want to offer

Not all cleaning service is universal. Some businesses focus in a single type of cleaning. Therefore, you should have a cleaning service checklist. Think about your abilities and the niche you can be able to fill in your community. Such examples of the kinds of services you can consider are:

– Janitorial services
– Window washing services
– Organic cleaning services
– Private residence maid services
– Floor waxing or carpet cleaning services

3. Buy a contract or start your own business?

As early as possible, make a decision whether to create your own business or buy a cleaning franchise. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it should come down to your individual situation and personal preference.

Buying a franchise
• Marketing support
• Proven business model
• Established name of brand; and
• Ongoing advice and help

Starting your own business
• Flexibility and complete control
• Low startup prices
• You preserve all profits
• No ongoing royalties or costs to pay; and
• Easier to sell the business henceforward

When you have decided to buy a cleaning Franchise, make sure you are doing a careful research. You can speak to previous and current franchises and meet with the owners. This is because there are other franchisors who don’t provide the needed ongoing support and service when the upfront payments have been paid.

4. Business registration, training, licenses, tax and insurance

It is vital to properly get set up from the beginning. This means that you should start thinking about your business structure or registration, tax, insurance and any licenses you could need. If you opt for the simplest structure of a business, you can quickly do everything at a minimal cost. As much as possible, contact a solicitor and accountant to acquire tax and legal advice before you make any decisions with regards to your business.

5. Cleaning service prices – getting it right!

Avoid trying and competing on the price. You may be drawn especially when seeing your competitors that offers crazy deals but remember that you will just end up with low return margins and feel like you’re working for nothing. Put a value on your offered service and be proud to tell people what you or your services are worth. You will find later on that people are prepared to spend quality money for a superior service. Also, by positioning a premium quality to your business, you can raise your prices and invite the best customers and clients. If possible, provide package deals or special offers to attract new clients and increase the amount of currency a customer is spending with you.

By considering these five tried and proven tips when operating a cleaning service, you will find out that you are gaining more customers and sales in the long run.